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    The Dream Leagues gives the little kid inside of us the chance to live out that dream.  With the rims lowered to 8 1/2 FEET for men's leagues and regulation 10 feet for our youth leagues, get ready for competition you have never experienced.
        The experience doesn't just stop there. Players will accumulate stats in real-time with our iPad enabled live stats application.
       With a complete media team the Dream Leagues covers every game just like the NBA.  From Post-game to half-time interviews, live-tweeting to highlight films, and power rankings to articles there will be more coverage about you than you could ever imagine.  With the Dream Leagues App, available for download on IOS and Google Play store, players and fans can receive updates about their favorite team in real-time.
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    Dream Leagues Finals Matchups

    08/19/2015, 10:30pm EDT
    By Vin DeCicco and John Hood

    Dream Leagues Finals Matchup Analysis

    Victor Schettino v Frankie Schettino

    John Hood:  Frankie has turned in one of the all-time greatest statistical seasons in Dream Leagues history and is almost a near lock for League MVP.  Despite the incredible season, there is still one person standing in his way from his first-ever championship; his older brother.  Frankie shut up all the critics last game as he stepped up and had arguably the greatest statistical playoff game in Dream Leagues’ history with the first-ever 30-20-20 game.  Frankie should be able to punish Victor on the offensive end as the older brother has his best defensive days behind him.  

    Vin DeCicco: Throw the statistics out the window. What Vic does for the Nets goes beyond the numbers. He leads the team by example giving his 100% every play and urges his teammates to do the same. Vic works to get his teammates involved when he sees a mismatch and works to create his own whenever the ball is in his hands. Vic has hit big shot after big shot and is known to step it up in big games. No one likes losing to their little brother and Vic will do his best to make sure Frankie has to wait  at least one more summer to get his hands on the trophy. 

    ADVANTAGE: Victor

    Ed Barcia v Mike Imburgia 

    John Hood: Imburgia has carved out a perfect role for himself on this Kings team and is a plus because of his hustle.  Matching him up with Ed Barcia is a no brainer.  Ed is a huge detriment to his team anywhere near the court.  Imburgia should be able to utilize his strength and basketball skills to dominate Barcia.

    Vin DeCicco:  Ed brings intensity to the game that not many can. While it can sometimes backfire, Ed had a way of getting in the other teams head whether he is on the floor or not. Ed is a great chemistry guy for the Nets and may have more of an impact off the court than he does on. Barcia's attitude and antics are a big part of the Nets DNA and he is willing to do anything to not relinquish the title.

    ADVANTAGE: Imburgia

    Nick Donato v Jack Shannahan 

    John Hood:  Shannahan coming fresh off of his All-Star game MVP has shown he can shine brightest with the spotlight on him.  He has the ability to score at will, defend the other team’s best player and jump out of the gym.  Arguably this is the best matchup outside of the Schettino’s as it pits an up and coming superstar against the greatest Dream League’s Hall of Famer of all time.  Shannahan has to use his athleticism in order to win this matchup.     

    Vin DeCicco: Nick Donato, after spending most of the season on the shelf, has come on strong in the playoffs for the Nets. With no Joe Santo in the Semis, Donato turned back the clock with 23 points, nine rebounds, six assists, four blocks and three steals. Donato will have the emotional motivation of his Hall of Fame ceremony to fuel him in case the thought of another championship doesn't do it for him anymore. Donato will have his work cut out for him in the form of Shannahan, who has the size and youth advantage in this matchup, but Dez is stronger and will dominate in the post. Both players present a problem on the defensive end for the other but I give the advantage to the crafty vet.

    ADVANTAGE: Donato

    Ray Masucci v Azeem Wilkerson

    John Hood:  Wilkerson is the most underrated player in the Dream Leagues.  He will be able to draw Masucci out on the offensive end and use his explosive quickness to score with ease.  Defensively, Wilkerson can guard anybody at any time and will be able to rotate over on the defensive end.  Wilkerson is the more talented player overall and should handle this matchup.  

    Vin DeCicco: Ray Masucci is one of the best rebounders the Dream Leagues has ever seen. While he may be getting a little long in the tooth, Masucci has looked as good as ever for these playoffs; leading all players with 17 rebounds per game. He is not the most polished player on the offensive end, but he will score more often than not when he snags an offensive rebound. His defensive contribution does not always show up on the stat sheet, but he clogs the lane well on D, sets hard screens to get his teammates open and creates rebounds for his teammates by boxing out well.

    ADVANTAGE: Wilkerson

    Buddy Sciandra v Richard Fenimore  

    John Hood: Fenimore has become a staple on the defensive side of the ball for the Kings.  After three seasons in the league he has drastically improved his overall abilities both offensively and defensively.  Fenimore will have a lot to handle as Sciandra is a dominant playmaker but his length should cause problems in the passing lanes.  

    Vin DeCicco: Buddy Sciandra is the primary playmaker on the Nets. Buddy is second only to Frankie Schettino with 9.3 assists per game these playoffs and strives to set his teammates up with easy scoring opportunities. He dictates the pace of the game for the Nets and can have a meaningful impact on a game without scoring a basket.

    ADVANTAGE: Sciandra 

    Final Four Preview

    08/17/2015, 4:45pm EDT
    By Mike Bonfield

    Final Four Preview:  Nets (2) vs Bulls (3)

    By:  Michael Bonfield

    The Nets survived and advanced to the Final Four with a one-point victory over the Warriors in their Elite Eight matchup.  Ray Masucci and Victor Schettino led the way as they each scored 25 points in the win.  The Nets will need size and agility if they want to stay in the game against Latrell Curtis and the Bulls.  Curtis contributed a double-double in the Bulls 15 point victory over the Wolves in the Elite Eight.  Between Curtis’ scoring and the rebounding of big man Rob Rossiter, the Bulls are a tough team to beat any day of the week.  This matchup is sure to be a classic one as everybody looks forward to seeing the team that advances to the finals.   


    Final Four Preview:  Kings (1) vs Raptors (13)

    By:  Michael Bonfield

    The Kings continue to prove why they were the best team in the league this year.  The Kings beat an extremely talented Thunder team by seven in overtime in their Elite Eight matchup.  Frankie Schettino led the way scoring 50 points and adding nine assists.  Azeem Wilkerson also grabbed 13 boards.  The Kings will now face the Cinderella team of the playoffs in the 13th-seeded Raptors.  The Raptors have now pulled off back to back upsets, defeating the 4th-seeded Pelicans and the 5th-seeded Pistons.  Mike Nierva, the team’s scoring leader, dropped 36 against the Pistons and looks to score just as much against the Kings' Frankie Schettino.  The Raptors will need to lock up and shut down Frankie Schettino if they want to stay in the game and stop the clock from striking midnight.

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